‘Capacity of hyperscalers doubles every four years’

Over the past four years, the total data center capacity of hyperscalers has doubled. Over the next four years, researchers expect similar growth.

Data center capacity of hyperscalers has doubled over the past four years. That’s what the Synergy Research Group calculated. To do so, the researchers look primarily at the amount of large data centers operated by hyperscalers. By early 2024, that figure has surpassed the thousand mark. Data center capacity also plays a role in Synergy’s analysis.

Every year 120 to 130 new large hyperscale sites come online, that figure alone is not enough to ensure another doubling in the next four years, although Synergy assumes it will. That’s because compute and storage capacity per new data center is also increasing. AI is a big driver of that shift toward more density, according to the researchers.

US champion
The US is the data center champion. 51 percent of total hyperscaler capacity, looked at in megawatts, is there. Europe comes a distant second with 17 percent, followed by China with 16 percent.

The huge growth in data center capacity brings challenges. Data centers consume a lot of energy to meet customer needs. Therefore, efficiency is very important. The EU is taking a leading role there, imposing strict efficiency standards on European data centers. The more the global data center market grows, the more important it is to contain power consumption.


Source: IT Daily 

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