ARTICLE | Cloud usage is increasing among Belgian companies, especially among large companies.

According to a survey conducted by Data News, the majority of Belgian companies are using cloud services. The survey found that the use of both public and private clouds is increasing, with larger companies using more cloud services than smaller ones. 88% of the largest companies (with more than 500 employees) use cloud services. 73% of the smallest companies (with fewer than 50 employees) use cloud services.

The reasons for the popularity of cloud services are diverse, but flexibility is cited as the most important reason by 30% of respondents, followed by reliability (24%), scalability (18%), and cost-efficiency (15%).

When companies were asked about their cloud usage trends in the past two years, larger companies indicated that they were moving more towards private cloud (50.7%). Smaller companies show a similar trend, but less pronounced. The smallest companies in Belgium indicated that more than a third of respondents reported no evolution in their cloud usage in the past two years.

In terms of data hosting, Belgian companies use both local and international data center and hosting providers. Approximately 62% of respondents said they use at least one Belgian data center or hosting provider, while 55% use at least one international data center or hosting provider.

Regarding the future, the survey asked respondents which technology was most promising for cloud and data centers. Artificial intelligence, including self-learning and self-driving infrastructure, was the top choice with 66%, followed by quantum computing (26%) and serverless computing (21%).

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