Belgian data center sector emerges as major challenger in European market

The Belgian Digital Infrastructure Association (BDIA) announces the second edition of the “State of the Belgium Data Centers” market report. In collaboration with the Research Institute Pb7, the BDIA brings the Belgian data center sector into focus.

In the past year, the Belgian data center sector has experienced rapid growth. More and more figures indicate the progress and development of the market. The report shows that the domestic colocation market is professionalizing and consolidating. Also, hyperscale edge strategies are pushing the wholesale colocation market to the next level.

Belgium as European challenger

Carole Santens was recently appointed Managing Director of the BDIA. She is looking forward to engaging with the growing Belgian market. “The Belgian data center sector is ideally located between the four largest European data hubs. The sector is making rapid progress and growing in its position as a European challenger.”

The second edition of the State of The Belgium Data Centers report shines light on the Belgian data center landscape and focuses on colocation data centers. The report also looks at the enterprise and hyperscale market to paint a complete picture of the market.

The report discusses key trends such as growing cloud applications and the rise of AI and the associated demand for data center apacity that is increasing as a result. In addition, the report highlights that sustainability is integrally woven into the market.

The report can be downloaded free of charge from the BDIA website:

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