BNIX and Unix-Solutions are collaborating to improve the local internet.

Today, BNIX announces a partnership with data center operator Unix-Solutions. Thanks to this collaboration, Unix-Solutions’ customers gain direct access to the national internet exchange point and up to sixty national and international content providers and internet service providers via the Zaventem data center.

A direct connection significantly improves the speed and quality of IP traffic. In addition to direct peering, BNIX also offers a route server to participants, allowing them to establish peering with many other networks through a single BGP session.

Steven Bens, CEO of Unix-Solutions, explains: “With the arrival of this exchange point in our Zaventem data center, our customers can directly connect to one of the most important peering points in Belgium. By exchanging local data traffic with national and international providers, our customers benefit from significant speed gains. At Unix-Solutions, we are constantly seeking improvements to optimize our services for customers and partners. This collaboration with BNIX fits perfectly into that framework.”

BNIX participants can also benefit from the partnership as Unix-Solutions brings new parties to the network. “By expanding BNIX to Unix-Solutions, we want to further strengthen our local anchoring. It also fits perfectly into our long-term strategy of optimization and growth,” says Stefan Gulinck, Network Architect at Belnet.

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