Data centers and energy – Where’s the problem, where’s the solution?

In 2019, market researcher Gartner predicted that 85% of large enterprises would close their traditional data centers by 2025. It doesn’t seem to be going that far, but it is still being seriously considered: energy and water consumption, new cooling technologies, uptime and backup, all factors that play into the trade-off between internal and external […]

Prefab data centers are on the rise: courtesy of AI

The market for “prefab modular data centers” is doing well and faces further doubling by 2027. And AI has something to do with that. Prefab modular (PFM) data center solutions as a concept are not new at all. Years – or rather decades ago – we already saw the first “data center-in-a-box” concepts emerge: mostly […]

LCL invests 120 million euros in expansion and greening

LCL’s data centers will be greatly expanded in the coming years. The company is investing one hundred million euros in larger data rooms and another twenty million euros in solar panels and energy savings. The investment will expand the data center in Aalst (Brussels-West) with an additional data room of 2,367 m². These works have […]

The Belgian and Dutch data center industry is hardly prepared for the rapid advance of AI

In Belgium and the Netherlands, data centers still have to take many steps to keep up with developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). “The data center industry in the Netherlands is hardly prepared for the rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) within the IT world.” Robbert Hoeffnagel, editor-in-chief of various IT trade magazines, makes no bones […]

Carole Santens appointed as managing director BDIA

Carole Santens

Brussels, Oct. 2, 2023 | The Belgian Digital Infrastructure Association (BDIA), the trade association for companies active in Belgian digital infrastructure, appoints Carole Santens as managing director.  Since its founding in 2022, the BDIA has grown rapidly. More and more leading organizations from the Belgian digital sector are joining and the BDIA organizes several networking […]

Google submits building application for new data centre in Belgium

Google has submitted a building application for a second data center site in our country. This will be on top of the site in St Ghislain and should eventually accommodate three data centers. Google eventually wants to build up to three new data centers in our country. In 2021, the internet giant bought land for […]

News | Datacenter United joins forces with Hasselt DC

Datacenter United strengthens its offering by joining forces with Hasselt DC and building a new data center on the south axis of Kortrijk (B) Datacenter United, Belgian provider of high-quality colocation data center services that is part of the portfolio of infrastructure investor TINC, is increasing the number of data centers under its management to […]

BDIA publishes Belgian Digital Infrastructure Guide 2023

On Thursday, April 20th, the Belgium Digital Infrastructure Association (BDIA) publishes the second edition of the Belgium Digital Infrastructure Guide. This guide represents all members of the BDIA, highlighting data centers, cloud, fiber and suppliers; together they form the fundament of the Belgium digital economy. Digital Infrastructure Belgium is paving the way for digital infrastructure […]