Close The Gap and Arcadiz Telecom Join Forces to Bridge the Digital Divide through IT Equipment Donation

Close The Gap and Arcadiz Telecom Join Forces to Bridge the Digital Divide through IT Equipment Donation

Close The Gap, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to digital inclusion in developing countries, has achieved a significant milestone today by partnering with Arcadiz, a prominent provider of connectivity solutions. Through this partnership, Arcadiz will donate surplus IT equipment to Close The Gap to support their projects worldwide.

This collaboration marks a crucial step in promoting the reuse of IT equipment, essential for meeting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals. By donating excess IT equipment, Arcadiz actively contributes to the circular economy and reduces the ecological footprint of the IT sector.

The donated IT equipment will be utilized in Close The Gap’s projects in developing countries, helping to improve access to digital technologies and reduce the digital divide between the West and the Global South. This donation will have a direct impact on communities that currently have limited access to technological resources and knowledge.

A key aspect of this partnership is the commitment to secure data management. Both Arcadiz and Close The Gap are dedicated to ensuring that all data is securely and responsibly erased, safeguarding the privacy of their clients and users.

“I am delighted to announce this collaboration with Arcadiz,” said Peter Manderick, General Manager of Close The Gap. “This donation of IT equipment will support our projects and contribute to enhancing digital inclusion in developing countries. We are grateful for Arcadiz’s support in realizing our mission.”

“As advocates for sustainability and social responsibility, we are excited to announce our partnership with Close The Gap,” said Marcel Lücht, Operations Director and ESG responsible at Arcadiz. “By donating our surplus IT equipment, we can make a positive impact on communities worldwide and contribute to a circular economy. The fact that CTG gives IT equipment a second life in a secure and sustainable manner was decisive for us.”

Close The Gap and Arcadiz look forward to a fruitful collaboration and to the positive impact this donation will have on digital inclusion and sustainability worldwide.


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