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Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure plays a fundamental role in our society and digital economy. Everything that happens online can be traced back to the digital infrastructure consisting of connectivity, data centers and cloud. The Belgian digital infrastructure ensures that digitization is possible in Belgium and can continue to grow. And this role is becoming increasingly important.

IDC expects some 65% of the global economy (GDP) to be digitized this year. Without thinking about it on a daily basis, business processes are being digitized and robotized, changing the way we work. At a time when data is central, a strong digital infrastructure is the foundation for continued innovation, security and sovereignty.

It is an absolute precondition for a robust and future-proof society in the digital age. This is certainly also true for Belgian business: a strong digital infrastructure is indispensable for continued competitiveness and for innovation and growth of our economy.

The Belgian Digital Infrastructure Association is the promotional organization for the market leaders of the digital infrastructure ecosystem in Belgium.

Why invest in Belgium?

Belgium has much to offer the investor. The country is economically one of the strongest in the world, is politically stable, has a robust infrastructure, highly educated residents, low real estate prices compared to other European countries and has a favorable business climate.

In addition, because of its central location, stable politics and multilingualism, Belgium has long been the heart of the European Union and other important international organizations such as NATO. Because of this strong international orientation, Belgium is very attractive to large multinationals, lobby groups, diplomats and the press.


data centers in Belgium

A data center is an industrial, high-security building, built with one purpose: to ensure that computer servers running digital applications are always running, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

A failure in the data center could mean, for example, that you are unable to pay with your bank card. Because professional data centers use the latest innovations in data infrastructure, cooling, power supply and security, this fortunately rarely happens.

All of these systems are redundant, which means that they are multiple and that failure of one of these systems can be met with a backup connection.

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Digital infrastructure

Cloud in Belgium

The Internet and other digital services would not be available without hosting or cloud services, due to the simple fact that data must be moved from one server to another. Cloud and hosting providers collectively ensure that consumers can visit websites, watch videos, and use a variety of applications, data, or computing power in a business context.

Digital infrastructure

Connectivity in Belgium

Without connectivity, our digital economy is impossible. Connectivity provides scalability: it makes it possible to aggregate and transport ever larger data streams. Connectivity creates new business models: all major web companies are essentially aggregations of data streams that process and offer them in a unique way.


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