KBC builds two new data centers

The bank KBC has secured a building permit for two new data centers in Mechelen and Heist-op-den-Berg. It plans to move its digital services from 2027.

KBC’s two current data centers in Belgium are gradually due for replacement. To continue providing digital services in the future, the bank wants to put up two new, more modern data centers. KBC applied for the permits in February and now has them. One data center will be located near the KBC Campus in Mechelen, while a site in the Antwerp municipality of Heist-op-den-Berg has been selected for the second.

KBC plans to put the new data centers into operation from mid-2027. By the end of 2028, all equipment will be fully migrated and the two existing data centers will be decommissioned. KBC also wants the new data centers to be fully prepared for new technological and IT developments.

Strike regulations

A bank like KBC is subject to strict regulations imposed by the National Bank of Belgium and the European Central Bank. Data centers play a key role in providing digital financial services to customers.

Sustainability is also an important consideration in KBC’s building plans. The company is pursuing the lowest possible carbon footprint in the construction and use of its data centers. Among other things, solar panels will be installed at both sites and installations to collect rainwater to cool the technical facilities.

The data centre of tomorrow is small, useful and located in your residential area

Isabel Van Mele, Chief Information Officer of KBC Group: “The migration of our core banking and insurance applications to the two data centers will obviously receive the full attention of our IT experts. They will make the migration to these new data centers run smoothly, without impacting the service to our customers.”

“KBC’s hybrid cloud strategy cleverly leverages the strengths of both the public cloud and the ‘private cloud’. With these new, very energy-efficient data centers, KBC is prepared for flexible capacity growth, we can smoothly integrate new technologies and we strengthen our physical and cyber security,” Van Mele concluded.

Source: IT Daily

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