Meet the new GigaREACH XL and VisiPORT data center solutions

CommScope is a name known and trusted in the dynamic and demanding data center industry, which counts on constant innovation to stay ahead of growing demand. 2024 is shaping up to be a great year for data centers as CommScope has announced the launch of not one, but two new solutions targeted at boosting performance, efficiency and scalability in data center infrastructure.


In April 2024, CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) unveiled its GigaREACH™ XL solution as the newest entry in its growing  SYSTIMAX® portfolio. This innovative offering promises to revolutionize the connectivity landscape by reliably extending the reach of traditional twisted-pair Ethernet devices within enterprise or data center networks beyond long-established Ethernet distance limits.


The GigaREACH XL solution is an answer to the challenges posed by the increasing number of mission-critical devices—security cameras, access control panels, wireless access points and so forth—located at the network edge, particularly those exceeding the well-known 100-meter limit set by the standards. With the GigaREACH XL solution, customers can easily connect and power devices beyond the 100-meter limit with one cable and with little or no disruption to existing services. The GigaREACH XL solution eliminates the need for additional telecom rooms, PoE extenders or optical equipment, which translates into fewer points of failure, lower installation costs and improved sustainability profiles for network infrastructure.


The GigaREACH XL solution supports 100 Mbps Ethernet and 90W PoE up to 200 meters, 1 Gbps Ethernet and 90W PoE up to 150 meters (50% longer than is available with Cat 6) and 10Mbps Ethernet and 90W PoE up to 250 meters.


Secondly, CommScope also introduced the VisiPORT™ solution earlier this year to address the critical need for enhanced port management, which is a critical need—and a daunting challenge—in data centers. As gateways to the network, panel ports have a lot to say about the operational capabilities, security and readiness of the infrastructure.

Also part of the SYSTIMAX portfolio, the VisiPORT solution is an easily-deployed, automated copper and fiber port status and capacity monitoring system that improves efficiency, reduces errors and removes the need for ongoing database maintenance. It uses real-time data to lead decision-making, which helps to reduce errors; by detecting and transmitting events upon the insertion (or removal) of a plug, it can provide alerts calling out unexpected or unapproved patching activity, helping secure the network and provide real-time visibility into connectivity.

Between them, these two new innovations stand to be game-changers for data centers worldwide, surpassing long-established limitations on the infrastructure that drives modern data centers and powers global commerce.


Source: CommScope

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