NTT Data and Schneider Electric jointly build mobile data centers with private 5G

NTT Data is partnering with Schneider Electric to develop a mobile data center on the edge that can also offer private 5G.
Among other things, the collaboration will combine Schneider’s modular data center with NTT Data’s private 5G solution. ‘That should be seen as a steel shipping container that is moveable and modular, and contains edge equipment,’ says Kristof Schraepen, director of New Ventures & Innovation at NTT Belgium.
Such containers can be used, among other things, to provide a data center for a new or converted site relatively quickly. In combination with private 5G equipment, this also makes the entire site mobile connectable ‘You’re going to want to do a lot more locally because you don’t want to send all the data to the cloud just like that, because then the costs will be too high. That’s why we see more often industrial customers who have projects with computer vision running, for example, that process data locally in such a mobile data center,’ says Schraepen. ‘But if we combine that with our private 5G then you do have a link to the cloud in a fast way.’

The applications are variable from customer requirements. Those customers are usually industry players. Sometimes they are organizations that want to be as operational as possible from day one, sometimes before the building is even there. In other cases, they are companies that need a temporary data center and mobile connectivity, or build their infrastructure modularly In this partnership, the equipment such as racks comes from Schneider Electric, with the mobile infrastructure from NTT. Though customers are free to choose alternative setups with other players. ‘The customer decides what to buy from whom. But here at MWC, we are showing together what we can do together today.’

Source: DataNews


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