The Belgian data center industry sets the goal of being climate neutral by 2030

Brussels, April 18th, 2023 – The Belgian Digital Infrastructure Association (BDIA) has announced today that it is joining the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP). This European initiative aims to make European data centers climate-neutral by 2030. By joining this initiative, BDIA aims to contribute to the realization and transparency of climate-neutral data centers in Belgium and to contribute to the European climate goals.

BDIA is an organization that represents the interests of the Belgian digital infrastructure sector. The organization represents key players in the sector, such as data center operators, internet service providers, and cloud providers. By joining the CNDCP, BDIA commits to the goals of the pact to reduce the CO2 emissions of data centers in Belgium.

“We are delighted to join the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact and contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Friso Haringsma, Chairman of BDIA and Managing Director of Datacenter United. “As a sector, we have a responsibility to reduce our ecological footprint and support the transition to a low-carbon economy. By working together with the other members of the CNDCP, we want to strengthen our sustainability efforts and have a positive impact on the climate.”

Belgium is a major player in the field of data centers, with Brussels and Antwerp as essential hubs. With the growth of the digital economy, a strong digital infrastructure is of global importance. Well-known data center operators in Belgium such as Google, Datacenter United, EdgeConnex, LCL, Kevlinx, Atlas Edge, and Etix Everywhere support the pact.

By committing to climate-neutral data centers, Belgium can maintain its leading position while contributing to a more sustainable world. BDIA is determined to participate in these efforts and calls on all stakeholders in the sector to work together towards a more sustainable future for digital infrastructure.

Signatories of the CNDCP commit to a range of sustainability goals in the areas of energy efficiency, use of green energy, water use, recycling, and reuse of residual heat. “The CNDCP Auditing Framework is in line with European initiatives and provides the means to assess and verify compliance with the goals. Data center operators must adhere to these objectives in order to be climate-neutral by 2030,” said Haringsma.

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