Why DigitalX is the must attend event for the digital infra industry

We spoke with Carole Santens, Managing Director of the Belgian Digital Infrastructure Association about DigitalX: the new c-level event for the data center, cloud and connectivity industry in Belgium.

Various organizations are investing in the Belgian digital infrastructure market. For example, Google has received a permit for building three new data centers in Farciennes (Wallonia). With the growth and maturation of the Belgian market, the urge for a new event that matches the ambition of the country arises. Therefore, Carole Santens (Managing Director) of the Belgian Digital Infrastructure Association (BDIA) initiated DigitalX


Why is it important for the Belgian Digital Infrastructure industry to have an event like DigitalX in Belgium?

Carole: “Due to its strategic location in Europe, Belgium has the potential to become the next major data center hub besides the FLAPD region. The local and federal government in Belgium are aware of this opportunity, but at the BDIA we believe in creating a synergy between governments, data center operators, suppliers and investors. That is why we are organizing DigitalX.”


That is great to hear, but how does DigitalX differentiate itself from other events in digital infra in Belgium?

Carole: “While other events focus on the technical or operational aspects of digital infrastructure, DigitalX emphasizes bringing together C-level executives in the market. This creates a unique platform where ideas can be exchanged about the future direction of digital infrastructure. Furthermore, the opportunity for high-level networking is a crucial part of DigitalX. This aspect is invaluable for companies looking to expand, collaborate, or gain access in the Belgian market.”


What specific topics or themes will DigitalX cover, and why are these areas important for the Belgian digital infrastructure industry?

Carole: “On Monday June 10, we start with the festive welcome opening which provides a great opportunity for visitors to expand their business network. The Dome Eventhall in Brussels, which is architecturally astonishing, provides an impressive yet intimate atmosphere for visitors. On the conference day (June 11), we will start with a plenary program with an exclusive market outlook from CBRE and a Data Center Panel with c-level executives from leading operators in the Belgian market. During the break-out sessions, we will cover key topics such as connectivity, sustainability, innovation and (future) investments in Belgium.”


Last question: In what ways do you envision DigitalX contributing to the growth and development of the Belgian digital infrastructure industry?

Carole: “DigitalX wants to create a high value platform for data center operators, investors, politicians and suppliers from the Belgian digital ecosystem. By bringing these stakeholders close to each other, DigitalX will be the forum in which the (future) blueprints of the Belgian digital infrastructure industry are further examined and developed.”  


Get your ticket(s) now

Do not miss DigitalX on June 10 and 11 in Brussels. Click on this link to order your ticket(s) for the event.  


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