BDIA publishes the first Belgian Digital infrastructure Guide

Digital infrastructure

On Tuesday, October 4th, the Belgium Digital Infrastructure Association (BDIA) publishes the first edition of the Belgium Digital Infrastructure Guide. This guide represents all members of the BDIA, highlighting both data centers and suppliers of the ecosystem; together they form the fundament of the Belgium digital society.

Society depends on digital infrastructure

Today, the digital economy is an integral part of everyday life. For consumers and businesses digital solutions are interwoven with daily life; digital has become the lifeblood of modern society. This essential part of society needs solid foundations to cope with the continues changes, which are inherit to digitalization. In the greater perspective, we are only at the beginning of the digital evolution, and the digital development in the coming years.

The sector has the difficult task to simultaneously cope with the rapid growing market, the increasing regulations, while also meeting the sustainability goals. The sector needs a strong sector association in these challenging times, one that assists and promotes the sector. Additionally, there is a need for information from within the sector, which unites the players and actively profiles the Belgian sector.

Up-to-date overview of Belgium data centers

This first edition of the Belgian Digital Guide is a first resource to present the Belgium Digital Infra sector. The Belgium Digital Infrastructure Guide 2022 highlights the data centers and suppliers that together create the digital fundament.


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