Unica acquires fiber optic network specialist Eljes

Technical services provider Unica is acquiring the company Eljes Infrastructurele Projecten, which is active in laying fiber optic networks for data centers and network providers in the Benelux. With the acquisition, Unica increases the breadth of services provided by the Unica Data Centers cluster. Eljes specializes in engineering, installation, management and maintenance of fiber optic networks, both within data centers and between data centers. Since its founding in 2009, it has built up considerable technical expertise in the business fiber optic market, in which it is one of the market leaders. Eljes is based in Zeewolde, employs 24 people and achieved sales of €15 million in 2023.

Specialist in market for professional fiber optic networks

Eljes is active in the realization of new and the expansion of existing fiber optic networks. It directs the construction of fiber-optic infrastructures within data centers and between data center locations throughout the Benelux. It mainly serves the larger data center operators and network providers, who will be making substantial investments in expanding and improving their networks in the coming years. Activities include the construction of ICT infrastructures, managing project implementation, disassembly of fiber optic connections, measurements with high-quality test and measurement equipment, and management and maintenance of fiber optic networks.

Strengthening competitive position

Eljes wants to further expand its leading position in the business fiber market and expects that joining a player like Unica in the future is the best starting point for that. For Unica it means a more complete portfolio of data center services. The services of Eljes are complementary to the services of Unica. Together, Unica Datacenters and Eljes can offer a complete package of data center services and connections, enabling the combination to operate as a market leader in the data center market.

Complement to services provided by Unica Datacenters

Eljes will become part of the Unica Datacenters business cluster, which combines all of Unica’s specialized services in designing, building, managing and maintaining data centers. Eljes’ connectivity solutions are an excellent complement to the data center services Unica Datacenters recently launched. With Eljes, Unica can become the preferred partner of data center operators and network providers for the expansion of existing fiber networks and the construction of new networks. Unica Datacenters already has a strong product and service portfolio with a focus on new build, modification and service activities in the data center market.

From the existing office in Zeewolde, Eljes will remain active. Founder and owner Ron van Beek of Eljes said, “Joining a major player like Unica means a stronger competitive position and numerous other advantages for us in the long run. We chose Unica with conviction because, in addition to their strong position in the data center market, there are also great cultural similarities and our specialties reinforce each other.”

John Quist, CEO of Unica: “We see many opportunities to further strengthen our portfolio towards the data center services market. The addition of Eljes’ specialties gives us new opportunities to further expand services at our customers’ sites. Together we can offer an even more complete portfolio.”

Arno Uiterweerd, managing director of Unica Datacenters, is looking forward to the collaboration: “Eljes’ services are an excellent addition to the services activities that are growing within Unica Datacenters. It is our ambition to be market leader for both data center projects and data center services. Together, this gives us all the competencies on board to operate as a market leader in the service area as well.”

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